Personalised Business Travel

One of the biggest reasons that our clients choose to have their travel managed by us is that we really do tailor our services. That means that we match your specific business requirements AND we personalise our service down to each and every individual working within your organisation.

Personalising for your business

  • Travel policy creation / adoption
  • Travel profiles for each traveller
  • Travel apps for live alerts, information and communication
  • Travel forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • Preferred partner negotiation, contracts and special offers
  • CO2 assessment, targets and offset schemes

Personalising for individuals

  • Passport expiry and renewals tracking
  • Membership and trade rewards
  • Visa requirements, expiry and renewals tracking
  • Preferred routes and method of transport (as appropriate)
  • Seating and room preferences
  • Upgrades
  • Preferred hotels/accommodation (as appropriate)
  • Dietary requirements

Ultimately we aim to achieve a unique situation - a happy board / management team and happy travellers.