Whether it's an international board meeting, conference, roadshow, product launch or fashion show, we can provide an integrated package of services which may include:

  • Planning and booking journeys for all of your guests / delegates from wherever they are located. We get them to the right place, at the right time and at the best price.
  • Ticketing and e-tinerary creation.
  • Visa and/or passport services.
  • Agreeing special exclusive deals with agreed hotels/accommodation providers and making best use of the facilities.  
  • Pre-registering guests so that they can go straight to their room when they arrive.
  • Meet and greet services and on-site coordination.
  • Airport and ground transport solutions, local and global.
  • Booking hotel rooms and venues at special rates for associated gatherings.
  • Logistics and courier services for goods and items  (for example for products at product launches or marketing materials for events).
  • Storage.
  • Forecasting, budget control and reporting.

A recent event we worked on was the Vertu launch event with Mary McCartney at the Mayfair Hotel in London where we managed a travel programme for 100 international journalists. Here's what they said:

"Working with you has been an absolute pleasure and an extremely professional and organised experience."
Ryan Woor, COO, Talk PR

"Your skills resulted in a highly successful event... they were absolutely fantastic to have in-house."
Director, Mayfair Hotel