Cost reduction programmes

For many clients, travel is often the third highest expense after people and space. It's therefore important that costs are reviewed on a regular basis as it has such an impact on the bottom line.

As a matter of course, Essential aims to reduce your travel expenditure across all transport, thanks to its integrated approach, agents, technologies and exclusive partnerships.

We also have a never beaten on price promise.

Here are some particular ways we go about reducing your travel costs:

  • Managing your end to end travel so that we can assess and make it more efficient as a whole and at a detailed level.
  • You tell us what your frequent destinations are and we will tell you the most cost efficient way of going there on a regular basis.
  • You tell us where you like staying / or would like to stay and we will personally negotiate with them and get you the best deals and exclusive offers.
  • Contract reviews and negotiation with existing travel partners you’d like to continue using.
  • Our intelligent agents have deep experience in how to create smart itineraries and get the right tickets at the right time – a lot of cost is based on from where, how and when tickets are issued.
  • Access to the best fares through being members of the strongest buying groups around the world.
  • Trade and member reward schemes.
  • Moving executives away from road to rail when appropriate. For example a return cab from central London to Hemel Hempstead with waiting is approximately £100 whereas a combination of tube and rail can be bought by us for approximately £9.
  • Moving executives away from air to rail where appropriate.
  • Using state of the art technology to streamline and reduce the cost of bookings, cost allocation and recharge.  
  • VAT reclaim.
  • We provide you with a dedicated team to run a much more efficient travel function.