Our technology

Technology is an integral part of our offering, helping us reduce the cost of bookings, track your people and make travel easier.

Travel App

We provide each client with a personalised travel app for all your executives to use. No more hunting around for confirmation numbers or hotel addresses. All your trip details are organised in one place and accessible by others.

  • Accessible on phones, tablets and computers
  • Itineraries in one place
    Ever have one of those travel days? You know the one. You drop your travel folder and sheets of paper go flying. You can't remember your gate assignment and almost miss your flight. Thankfully, your flight's been delayed. By three hours. Ugh. Sound familiar? Don't worry. With your own customised travel app all this is solved with the potential to seamlessly link all of your reservations into one master itinerary. Flights, hotels, dining reservations, transportation – whatever you like.
  • Live flight updates and alerts
    Begins monitoring your flight 48 hours before departure. If there are any changes, you will be notified immediately. And best of all it is a free service. Our travel apps provide the only tool of their kind to provide flight alerts like gate changes, delays and cancellations free of charge.
  • Share your travel plans with co-workers and family
    Friends, family and colleagues may need some or all of your travel plans. Flight arrival updates, airport parking, gate assignments/re-assignments and baggage claim details can all be shared through our travel apps. Just add the email address of a loved one or co-worker to your trip. 
  • Know where all your travellers are at any time
  • Send out alerts instantly to those travelling
  • Receive communication from travellers
  • Search for alternate flights
    If the unthinkable hapens and your flight's delayed or cancelled, your travel app  can help you find a different flight. Locate alternate flights based on your original reservations with the tap of a button or two. Search for flights on all airlines or your original carrier.
  • Find driving directions in a flash
    Based on your location and itinerary, our apps can map directions between items in your trip. No more searching for addresses or using multiple apps to map where you're going. Map locations and look up driving directions within your trip with a single click.


All of our agents use Sabre® Travel Network Technology which is more than 50 years old and used by more than a billion people around the world to plan and book their travel. 

The Sabre® global distribution system (GDS) is the world's largest travel marketplace - more than $100 billion worth of travel is sold through it each year.

Sabre processes more than 1 billion API calls per day, placing Sabre in a small club that includes companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

At peak times they process more than 60,000 requests every time your heart beats.

Sabre was ranked the 7th most important software advancement in the world by InformationWeek Magazine.

Their R&D team is comprised of Operations Research PhDs who are experts in applied mathematics, computer science, economics, industrial engineering, and psychology—all of which contribute to their distinction in innovation and system design.

More information here: www.sabretravelnetwork.com.