How we work

Requirements & targets

We start by understanding your company's travel requirements and can help with creating a company travel policy if not already in place.

Next we agree targets to focus our service and added value around:

  • What qualifies a need to travel and each mode of transport (e.g. rail vs road)
  • Preferred suppliers and contract negotiation (airlines, hotels, ground transport and courier)
  • Financial budgets & cost reduction targets
  • CO2 impact assessment, targets and offset schemes

These targets form the basis of all our future journey planning and bookings and are continually monitored and reported on. We also recommend that we review and adjust targets as appropriate on a regular basis.

Dedicated Team

Simultaneously we assess and place a highly experienced travel agent within your office or ours to become an integral part of your team. Your agent will then be the main point of contact for all of your bookings and will issue air and rail tickets.

He or she will work with your team to assess if each trip is necessary and if so, will assess the cost and savings opportunity of each trip.

Typical responsibilities include:

  • Journey assessment and planning
  • Bookings and on-site ticket issuing
  • e-tineraries
  • Travel app live updates and alerts
  • Executive profiling
  • Visa and passport services


Technology is an integral part of our offering, helping us reduce the cost of bookings, track your people and make travel easier. Read more.